Cute shoes and new products

Yay! it's the first day of spring, which means we are closer to Summer. I'm not a fan of winter so the thought of being that little bit closer to some sunshine makes me happy!

This week so far has been lots of fun as we create new products and get to play around with ideas and yummy fragrances! Like the bunch of grapes bath bombs in a grape fragrance that smells just like hubba bubba! Since I've become a mummy to a little girl I've found myself liking very girly things! I've never been a really girly girl but all of a sudden I'm buying things like cute lilac care bear shoes! and they just so happen to match the grape bath bombs we've created. I'm thinking possible future soap opera products might include unicorn soap and rainbow bath fizz!! 

My little bubba is having the afternoon with auntie Emily tomorrow as I have a stall to sell soap opera products at a ladies lunch in Cambridge. It's 80's themed! might have to wear my care bear shoes, they were created in the 80s right?  


  • I am sure the ladies will love your products.

    Jane on

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